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Cavalier Theatre - Halifax Citadel


At GBCL we like a challenge. Turning a 150 year old stone casemate into a theatre and keeping the historic fabric was certainly a worthy challenge. GBCL worked together with Public Works Canada and Parks Canada to make this facility a success. The history of the Citadel can now be viewed in this state of the art theatre surrounded by the history of the New World.

St. Mary's Church


Renovated by GBCL, the St. Mary's Church is a wonderful example of the gothic style. GBCL was hired to bring the church back to its former glory. The vaulted ceilings and ornate plasterworks were a particular challenge on this project. As the above picture shows, the effort was well worth it.

Le Portage Golf Club


The owners of Le Portage Golf Club chose GBCL as the prime contractor when building their new facility. The clubhouse and outbuildings for the golf course have all been built by GBCL in the shadows of the highland mountains. The clubhouse is home to the locker rooms, kitchen and dining areas as well as the pro shop.

College de l'Acadie


Constructed of brick and block, this is the center piece of the new campus. The building is constructed using environmentally sensitive material and enhanced building methods to minimize energy costs. GBCL has completed various projects at many of the universities and colleges in Nova Scotia.

Government of Canada Building


Perhaps the best example of the Art Deco style in downtown Halifax, the Government of Canada Building was in need of a renovation. GBCL won the contract to add some new life to the interior of the building. The Art Deco style was accented in the numbering system and colour selections throughout the building. This is truly a beautiful building both inside and out.

Petro Canada


Yes, we do that too. GBCL has the qualifications to build gas bars in Nova Scotia. GBCL not only completes the architectural work but, we can install the tanks as well.

Hubbard's Pharmasave


The Pharmasave medical complex combines the utility of structure and the beauty of the local artisans. As the design build contractor, GBCL wanted to include local features in the project. We used building materials produced locally as well as art panels commissioned from a local artist to enhance the exterior of the building.

RCMP Building


GBCL built this for an RCMP detachment and leased it to the RCMP. Good tenants, never had any trouble with loud parties or late payment.

Redan Staff Space, Halifax Citadel


Imagine your office in a vaulted granite stone room with views of the downtown and a huge courtyard. Some of the staff at the Halifax Citadel now have this as their office space. GBCL transformed the storage rooms into usable office space including showers and a kitchen. First re-pointing and repairing the stonework, GBCL then completed upgrades to the electrical and mechanical systems to allow for all the comforts of a modern office and kept all the historic elements. Thanks to Public Works Canada and Parks Canada this was a very rewarding project and the results are remarkable.

St. Margaret's Church


St. Margaret's Church is a timber framed structure and was a challenging build. With soaring windows allowing views of the mountains this community based project was joy to build and has turned into a landmark. At GBCL our attention to detail has made us one of the premier church builders in the Maritimes.

Tim Hortons


Building a Tim Hortons really gives everyone a chance to see your work. GBCL has worked with Tim Hortons on several occasions and was called on to build this new location.

Halifax Town Clock


GBCL is getting a reputation for historic restorations. The symbol of Halifax, the Town Clock, sees all the worst weather that our sea side climate has to offer. The wooden structure was rotting and required restoration. GBCL and our carpenters repaired, restored and reinforced the wood elements. Upon completion the Halifax Town Clock still stands as the symbol of Halifax; with a bit more shine.

Shed 20 Halifax Port Authority


Originally constructed after the first world war Shed 20 was just a waterfront warehouse. With the resurgence of the Port of Halifax as a cruise ship destination the port was in need of a landing point for the passengers. With the Port Authority's willingness and WHW Architect's colourful design Halifax has a memorable landing terminal for international cruise ships. Of course in this post 9/11 world, working around international passengers has its own set of challenges but with the help of the people at the Halifax Port Authority it was a success.

Shoppers Drug Mart


Taking what was a multi tenant mall space and turning it into a single tenant can be a challenge. At this particular mall the structure had to be beefed up and front wall replaced. All while keeping the existing mall tenants in operation and without disruption. The mall owner entrusted GBCL to this re-construction and it was completed on time and without disruption to the existing mall tenants.

Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF)


GBCL began building with ICF in 1986. GBCL realized from the outset the advantages of this type of construction and has been building with it ever since. The superior insulating value leads to very low heating costs on both commercial and residential buildings built with ICF. The fire and rot resistance are also attributes when figuring in life cycle costs. The most frequent note we get from clients is the noise reduction from outside.

Halifax Public Gardens


Formally established in 1867, the Halifax Public Gardens is a Canadian National Historic site. When the tender came out requesting proposals to restore the original Horticultural Hall and build 3 new buildings onsite; GBCL wanted to be part of the project. Our thanks go out to the staff at HRM, Vollick McKee Petersmann, G.F. Duffus and Company, all the staff at the Public Gardens and The Friends of the Public Gardens for making this a landmark project.

1678 Barrington Street, 3rd Floor
Halifax NS B3J 2A2
Phone: 902-444-7445
Fax: 902-444-7446

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